Five Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Remember those days when you first started stocking your kitchen. Every new item spoke of your exotic tastes and ways with a thousand recipes. If the desire to keep collecting kitchen gadgets has taken longer to wear off than expected, don’t fear!

In the age of culinary experimentation there are now gadgets that are functional yet fun. One look at these and you’ll wonder how you made it through without them.


There are quite a few companies doing variations on these now, either with cutesy names such as ‘one stop chop,’ or with trusted niche brands like ‘Quirky’, The boards are made from bamboo, which is wonderfully sustainable and easy to clean.

On a practical level, there are rubber feet to keep your board from slipping. However, it’s the compartments that create the magic. Simply chop what you need and scoop each vegetable into the plastic draws that slide out from the board.

When you’re ready to cook, remove the compartment and tip each vegetable in your pan or pot. No more jostling for space or using multiple boards, and the compartments are dishwasher safe.


Without a tool like this, your pineapple will never look like the ones in the recipe books. This is less down to poor kitchen skills than the fact the pineapple is a notoriously messy fruit. With this device, all you do is cut the top off your pineapple, place the corer in the middle, and turn slowly.

Pull out the core and you’ll be left with rings that look like they’ve come from a tin but retain that fresh flavour only a store-bought pineapple offers. Be warned, there are some cheap and nasty pineapple corers on the market, so choose wisely.


The quest for the perfect rasher is something every omnivore understands. Even for those disinclined toward kitchen gadgets, there’s something reassuring about a solid chunk of iron that refuses to let your bacon curl up at the edges.

If that’s not enough to sway you, a cast iron bacon press will ensure evenly cooked bacon, and will stop your teenager from splattering the walls with grease. Customer reviews have been uniformly excellent, which is impressive given how fussy bacon enthusiasts can be.


Whoever invented the toaster deserves an award for making the most simple of foods absolutely delicious. However, for anyone who has had to suffer the indignity of those cold, burned slices so common in staff canteens, there’s an answer from Korean designer, Kim Been.

Made from ceramic and employing a revolutionary material called CarboNano, all you need to do is iron your toast for two to three minutes on each side. Of course, everybody has different preferences when it comes to toast, so thankfully you can adjust your portable toaster to your desired level of toastiness.

To make the experience truly enjoyable, the toaster has pretty pictures of butterflies on it that come to the surface when your toast is done. When not in use, simply charge your toaster in the same manner as your electric toothbrush.


This is one of those practical pot attachments you’ve probably wished for but didn’t know existed. Simply slip the draining sieve over the edge of your pot, and pour your unwanted cooking liquid through the holes without losing your vegetables.

Colander manufacturers will be unimpressed, but you’ll be wondering how you got by without it. When not in use, simply store it away.

This is just a small snapshot of the more practical elements of cookware now on the market. Search deeper and you’ll find chopsticks that dispense sauce, pistols that shoot condiments, and carrot sharpeners that look like they belong in a pencil case. As more people start creating at home, more unique items are bound to be released. Look around, have some fun, and get creative. It’s worth it.


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