Cutting Utility Expenses and Helping the Planet

Homeowners and business owners in the UK have learnt lessons in reducing overheads during the recession period, and are continuing to monitor expenses closely. One area where the UK has become much more efficient is in the area of energy consumption. As a nation, we are finding and implementing strategies to cut back on our utility expenditures, and helping the environment in the process. These are both undeniably positive developments.

Utility expenses represent significant drains on individual residences and also businesses. We have more productive ways to spend our money and more productive ways to use our energy. Many businesses and homeowners have found the following tips helpful in significantly reducing utility spending;

Control Use of Electrical Appliances – Did you know that when appliances are turned off, they still draw power? Standby use actually requires about 80% of the energy that the appliance would need if it were on. If you know you will not be using the appliance for several hours, unplug the appliance and cease power flow to it. You will see the difference in next month’s electricity bill.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs – The new energy saving light bulbs use 75% less energy than do traditional light bulbs. The new, energy-efficient bulbs also have a life expectancy of about 10 times the life of traditional bulbs so the consumer saves on two fronts. You will use less energy and buy fewer bulbs!

Use Energy Efficient Doors and Windows – By using doors and windows with technology driven glazing, UK homeowners and business owners can greatly improve the insulation values of their properties and eliminate the chills around windows and doors. New, double and triple glazed doors and windows bring more sun into living and working areas and keep temperature habitable. This is an efficient way to lower utility bills and increase the value of the property. At Multifold Doors, our range of bi-fold doors are made from the very best materials to provide excellent insulation and natural light flow.

Check Window and Door Fittings – Gaps around windows and doors create a drain on utilities and eliminate drafts from running through the home or business. If you have older doors and windows, they are likely not insulated properly and they may well have air leaking in and out around the frames.

Add Insulation to Attic, Basement and Walls – Homeowners and business owners can greatly reduce their long-term utility expenditures by adding new insulation to attic floors, basement ceilings and walls and to the walls of the house. There is an insulation remedy for every challenge. Many existing UK properties are poorly insulated and as a nation we can greatly reduce our long-term energy consumption with this one-time expense.

Short Showers, Reduce Baths – Believe it or not, water is one of our biggest utility expenditures. Running a bath requires more hot water than taking a short shower. A family who takes short showers instead of baths will greatly reduce their water and heat expenditure.

Timing Your Heat Use – Many of us get lax about turning our heat down when it could be set at lower temperatures without compromising our comfort. By using a timer switch to shut the heat off automatically, you can ensure that energy usage when people are at work and school is low.


Gas and electric services have a place in a highly competitive marketplace. Consumers should shop for the best energy plans and pricing. Before entering your next contract for service, be sure to review the terms of service and the cost. Check with at least two other providers.

The Energy Helpline is a free website that posts the best rates for gas and electric service in a given area inside the UK. Energy Helpline receives their revenue from commissions earned from suppliers. Converting to a new supplier will not incur any new fees and service will not be interrupted.

Energy Helpline reports that 10% of clients who used this service from January 1, 2011 to August 23, 2012 saved £331 per year. That is a tidy sum that can certainly be put to better use.

Dual Fuel Sources – If your home or business uses two different types of fuel, you can probably save money by purchasing both utilities from the same provider. Look for providers that offer consolidation packages.

Pay Direct – Most energy providers offer discounts for clients who enrol in automatic payment programs using a credit or debit card. This saves the company billing expenses and overhead and makes for better cash flow.

Manage Your Utilities Online – Most providers reward paperless clients with nice discounts. You can reduce the use of paper and increase the efficiency of your utility management by managing accounts online.

Being a wise utility consumer is a rewarding endeavour on many fronts but it is most gratifying when the homeowner or business is fully engaged. If you are serious about reducing your utility expenses, helping the planet and cutting back on fossil fuel usage, the above steps will set you on a good path.

For more information about our selection of bi-fold doors for your home, and how they can positively impact your energy efficiency, get in touch here.

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