Choosing the Right Decking For Your Garden

Adding decking to your garden can be an excellent way of updating your garden for summer. Whether its a place to sunbathe or a social atmosphere with a barbecue that you’re aiming to create, decking is a great way to give your garden a new lease of life.

Wooden decking is generally safer for children to play on than stone. Its natural texture blends in well with any style of garden as well as maintaining class and style in a cost-efficient and practical manner.


Location is critical when planning the future decking in your garden. Many people choose to place the decking close to the house as it can become an extension of your living space, particularly if your garden features bi-fold doors.

Alternatively, it may be true that you want your decking to capture the most sunlight throughout the day. If this is the case, perhaps it would be better to set your decking at the end of the garden. Really have a think about hat you intend to use your decking for, then choose the location that best inspires that.


There are many different factors that come into choosing your decking style, one of which being the visual effect that you want to create. Whilst conventional square decking can be attractive, keep in mind that the boards can be cut and laid in many different styles and manners.

A great way of deciding which size and shape will best suit your garden is to mark it out physically in your garden. This way you have a great idea of how the decking will really fit into the space. Planning on paper s another handy way of getting an idea of how the decking will work with the rest of your garden. It also helps save time and money and leads you towards your perfect dream decking.


In terms of size its important to get this right. A decking that is too big or too small is difficult to disguise once it is laid. Avoid any overly complicated shapes as they can distract from the rest of the garden.

With colour, remember to be creative. This is your garden and your design so its completely up to you what you choose. For those of you that intend on creating an aspect of continuity throughout your property, think about the option of matching the stain to any existing flooring you have in your home.

Alternatively, you can choose a stain and style that compliments the garden. Grey or black stains suit a more contemporary garden with architectural plants whereas a natural finish looks better in a cottage garden.


There is a plethora of different decking styles out there but here are a few to get your imagination going.

Natural soft and hardwood- Looks and smells fantastic but will require annual maintenance with a sealant.

Composite decking- Is made up of a mix of plastic and wood waste and is virtually maintenance free.

Decking boards- Long planks laid in the same direction.

Decking tiles- Usually square and can be laid in different directions to create a striking pattern.


Decking requires regular brushing with a stiff brush broom to remove any leaves or plants that may rot on the wood. It should also be sprayed and washed twice a year with a pressure spray to remove any possible slippery residue.

Unstained decking will fade to a pleasant grey shade over time whereas stained decking may need repainting to hold its colour, especially if it gets scratched.

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