Aluminium Windows

Multifold Doors supply more than just bi-folding doors. We supply a variety of bespoke aluminium windows manufactured by Origin exclusively in their Buckinghamshire factory. Our range covers casement windows, bay windows for adding extra space to a room and also gable windows to create a bold design feature in your home. The doors come in 150 RAL colours and have a 20 year guarantee. With a powerful security locking system and high quality glass these windows will keep you safe and warm throughout the year.

Casement Windows

Origin aluminium casement windows are top-of-the-range, unique windows designed to be different. These windows use premium-grade aluminium with a flush cement finish to create a modern style. With a fine fitting casement the window sits neatly in the frame with no protruding surfaces. You can have top or side opening windows with dummy sashes to continue the flow of the lines. The windows are completely bespoke and can be made up to 1000mm wide x 1800mm tall on side hung windows and 1500mm x 1500mm on top hung windows. These configurations can be mixed together to create even larger and lighter spaces. As always, security and safety is a priority so the hinges are fire exit regulation standard and the glass is strong enough to keep even the most determined of burglars out. Origin casement windows are stylish, safe, bright and unique.

Bay Windows

Origin bay windows a great way to increase the space in a room without radical change. They can let large amounts of light in and also give that bit of extra room to fit in a sofa or desk. Origin bay windows come with the style and sophistication that go with any Origin product. They are particularly focused on maximising natural light and security as bay windows are more than often at the front of the house and ground level and so, the most exposed. Origin bay windows are not just suitable for the home but also the workplace where a little extra space can go a long way. These windows are completely bespoke and can be fitted to your needs; which windows do you want to open? What size? What finish? There are so many choices to make your bay windows truly yours. To really optimise your bay windows why not mix them with casement windows? This can open a room to a new level of fresh, natural light.

Gable Windows

Origin gable windows are stunning and can be a centrepiece of any home. Gable windows let a new source of powerful natural light in and also create a different sense of space, especially if mixed with other large areas of glass such as bifolding doors. The design and symmetry of gable windows makes a bold statement and when used correctly can expose the true style of your house. Origin can also accommodate for the shallowest of roof pitches and bespoke measurements to make your home truly special.

Our range of aluminium windows are all customisable from size to finish. We can help you choose what will look best where and how to improve your property using aluminium windows.

Multifold Doors
Multifold Doors provide a bespoke service supplying you with high quality bifold doors, windows and blinds. Using these products in a variety of ways can completely change the feel of your property. From the natural lighting in your kitchen to the way your office is laid out, Multifold bifolding doors give you the opportunity to change.

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