Bi-Fold Doors Leatherhead

Just outside London, in Mole Valley, sits the anglo-saxon Surrey town of Leatherhead. Due to its prime location, the town has always enjoyed a wealth of travel and transport opportunities, the crowning jewel of which was the construction of the bridge over the seasonally active River Mole in early medieval times. Most recently, the M25 was built nearby, keeping the town in the modern transport game.

The town has recently undergone an extensive renovation to pedestrianise its streets, making Leatherhead a safer and more picturesque place without sacrificing any of the transport links that have been historically so important to its value.

Bi-fold Doors

Multifold Doors are proud to serve the Leatherhead area with their bespoke selection of Bi-Fold Doors and multi-folding doorsets. Given the town’s recent pedestrianisation, Multifold Doors’ refurbishments seem ideal additions to Leatherhead properties.

Ideal for conservatories, extensions, guest houses and kitchens, our Bi-Fold Doors come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, all of which can be researched and calibrated at our Door Configurator page.

Typically, customers will select how many folds they want in their multi-fold doors. No matter the width or height of your doorway, the choices available are numerous, ensuring the perfect Bi-Fold Door for your Leatherhead home.

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