Bi-Fold Doors High Wycombe (Showroom)

At Multifold Doors we appreciate manufacturing heritage. For this reason, we’re delighted to serve the High Wycombe area with our bespoke Origin bi-Fold Doors and Aluminium Windows.

The town enjoys an industrial history reaching as far back at Medieval times, when it relied on a number of mills for production and export. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, this changed in favour of paper production, due to the River Wye’s excellent bleaching properties.

Most appropriately, High Wycombe developed a strong reputation for bespoke furniture, with a number of specialist manufacturers springing up throughout the nineteenth century.

Bi-fold Doors

High Wycombe is a beautiful area, and any of its properties would benefit from the installation of one or more of our Bi-Fold Doors.Made to order, our doors guarantee a customised design to suit you and the personal style of your home.

Bespoke lightweight frames and top of the range glass create a smooth, elegant door, complemented by a near frictionless needle bearing running system. Open and close your doors effortlessly as required for an attractive, functional addition to your High Wycombe home.


To experience our Bi-Fold Doors firsthand, feel free to visit our High Wycombe showroom at Unit 3 Sunters End on the Sands Industrial Estate. Our showrooms are by appointment only – call beforehand or contact us to arrange your personalised viewing.

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